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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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all angles. we will show you where you can sit and how it will affect you whether or not you are partaking in the parade. >> it will be dry are round 11:00 a.m.. it will be a cool one with temperatures in the upper 50s for the victory celebration. right now it is fog the outside and you will need to use your wind shield wipers. we are expecting white span of rain and are walking through and how it will impact how wing. >> i halloween. >> the two right lanes were blocked but they have been cleared.
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>> the parade to honor the world series champions the san francisco giants will be coming up. the crews have been working around the corclock to get things ready. city officials are stating that you should take public transit because they will have streets blocked. >> i can tell you what a difference an hour makes. there's still people honking and hollering at each other because the traffic is picking up. it is already difficult because the bear
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case that are out. there are streets thenormally make that t security guards are making sure that you are not crossing areas such you should not cross. i am at the beginning of mission and stored in nicosia flatbed truck here. this is where the flows will start together.ats will start togethe while they make their routes to the civic center that will be showered with love. >> why was it important for you to be here this morning? >> because we are champs and a bust their butts for us all year. they are our eyes. i woke up at to 30 a.m. this
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morning and i got here around 4:30 a.m.. a good chunk of me is same that but i know it will be worth it. >> what time did you get here? tice about 430 but i am up righ>> i arrived about 4:0 a.m.. i asked someone to work for me today. i called then monday and i checked to see if i had someone to work for me. >> i am pretty much calling in sick today but they know. my uncle is my boss so i am ok with that. >> you have to lay down the
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foundation days ahead to say that you are sick and started to philippe.field it. te people are just too honest and conceded there all decked out.. >> in people are sg seats right now? >> these three are heading back to their lawn chairs and they are making sure that their chairs are in place and they may see people out here who may take their launcher out a cout of place.
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>> this camper over your shoulder can you just roll a kemper open park there? >> know. these are people that are here to set up the floats. i did not know that she was a part of the giants fever but nancy--if you even drove by san francisco you will get--and they're getting ready for the b i p slopesv. i. p. floats.
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>> all of these intersections but you see here will be closed down and then that will travel and turn right on mcallister. they will go down to about four blocks and then they get to the civic center plaza and this is where the stage will be set up. this whole area around the civic center will be gridlock as well. there will be performances there and the players will speak. >> everything is in place. >> everything is getting in place right now daria. you can also see that there are people pouring into the
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civic center plaza right now. last time they have a parade here it was over 25,000 people here in the plaza and you could see how far back it stretches. it goes all way back to the library. you could expect much of the same today and we have already seen hundreds of people pouring in. they will also have one set up in the back but obviously you will have to get down here soon so you can get a good seat. basically everything is closed around here. growth street and everything all the way down-that you have to walk-in. if you are coming down it is probably best you take mass transportation. this is the
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best way to get here. the spots will be taken a pretty soon. >> where are the porporter potties? >> the area is in the back of the plaza that is set up right now. >> when you go to big events you better make sure that you cut you and your kids from drinking. because you never get back to your spot. >> stay with kron 4 news as
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we continue our coverage of the san francisco giants operates. you can catch all of this on tv if you cannot make again. we will have our live special at 10:00 a.m. and last to the end of the parade. you can also follow us on ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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the 2013 sl.
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teacand >> there is a fire that has erupted and this area was the rocket with fire due to hurricane sandy. this fire has read ignited and firefighters have not had a chance to get out there because their roles are impassable. this is almost reminisce thing to what we saw in san bruno. this neighborhood is just completely destroyed and this chopper is showing some of the damage. this is some of the video from overnight. president obama will be there in new jersey to assess the damages. there is we will continue to cover this in the wake of hurricane sandy. >> we will be right back.
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>> we're back it is 6:15 a.m. we asked some fans what their strategy is for getting to the parade. >> i have been planning this for two days from sacramento. i lost my voice and i like to see the giants and the kids and maybe a high five. teaching we're just a few hours away and we are keeping you posted on how the crowd will develop and how you will get dan. we will show you what which areas are the best boss. i would say that you should jump in the car now. >> there's still some pretty good spot market in stores street where the parade starts. another prime spot
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is market and mcallister because this is where it turns. >> once you are at the civic center you will actually hear the players speak and you will see some entertainment. they do have jumbo trunneon set up. we will go right through from the kron 4 news on to the special at 10:00 a.m.. the parade will start at 11:00 a.m.. we will tell you who the players are and it will be really exciting. >> if you look up the window right now you are a delicacy
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that is a little damp right now.
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teach teach wicked up on thursday it will still be pretty ten high it will be 65 degrees for oakland. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows that it will be pretty mild conditions as we
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transition to the weekend. it looks like as we start the next work week temperatures will climb into low 80s. it is 6:19 a.m. that was sure whethyour weather. >> in once the metering lights ran activator we saw that things were back up very quickly. a lot of traffic on the bay bridge and it is likely that was the bigger than normal. the san mateo bridge conditions are looking pretty good. the drive time is still a 11 to 12 minutes. the golden gate bridge is expected to be heavy but so far it is not too bad for the south bond
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area from the marin. in a state 80 westbound has not started to slow down to bed late but i did mention on 58 that there was an accident. the westbound lanes are not blocked but that may be affected because this is a multicar crash. south bay freeway is not slowing yet it is still good traffic conditions there but the north bay former rand 101 southbound down to the golden gate bridge. >> we have new video of giants fans getting up early and comfort which is about half an hour ride from the city. this was shot about 20 minutes ago and we are advising you that if you are taking bart you should buy a round-trip ticket so that
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you will not be stuck in line. speed things along a little bit and they will be run and pass rush hour. it will be hands on deck for bart and they are expecting people--the best way to avoid these lines trip ticket. not only do you have extra rider's for the festivities but a lot of people will be taking the bart for halloween celebrations. >> even if you are just trying to go to work today if you will be impacted by this. you will have to get out early. check out this video. most of the damage has been caused by falling trees look at this
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in huntington, new york. this just shows you the strength of the storm and there was just so much rain and wind. the death toll is at 50 from the super storm and most of these deaths were related to down patriced trees.
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>> welcome back the tim. >> we k
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parents to weigh in on our facebook page. >> my son and i are already on bart. >> nothing can top the 2010 parade and they have stressed to him the importance imbed in school he would just have to watch the repeat. >> i did not bring my daughter at the last parade because i did not know what to expect so this time i did not want to have them miss it. this seldom happens in one lifetime. >> join our conversation on facebook or >> some of the
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schools have discouraged the schools from beinkiss from bed t from school. >> we will show you complete coverage of all the festivities at the civic center plaza. you can just a tune for this on our web site we will have it to our special replaced throughout the week. >> in we are just three minutes away from opening bell on new york stock exchange. it will open up after being closed for today is due to hurricane sandy. the last time this happened was that
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1888. we will be right back.
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>> we are back. it has been two days since trading has not been going on due to hurricane sandy. the nasdaq open for business now. we will be tracked in the numbers as we develop the latest with trading. >> at 6:30 a.m. would like to take a look at the weather. we are hoping that this dies down soon. >> i definitely had my windshield wipers on high. it is damp roadways and puddling out site. we
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are sitting in the upper 50s low 60s. tonight is when the rain is expected to pick up and it may impact call waiting. ashalloween. i will wau through the timing of this in just a bit. >> here is a quick bridge check. take a look at the bay bridge westbound the backup is a going down to the 880 approach. at the san mateo bridge we have not sing things slowed down here yet. the drive time is still just 12 minutes and at the golden
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gate bridge there are no problems across the span and a ride to the marin is still a small one. >> the victory for the san francisco giants stars at 11:00 a.m.. crews have been working around the clock preparing everything and as you can see they got all the buildings out, flags and the stages rate periods a million people are expected to attend this victory parade for the world series. you should take public transit or be already in your car to find somewhere to park. will tran is live on market street this morning where the parade will began. >> i am
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lucky to get here early because this is one of the few times that you can get this. if you're getting here within the next hour or so it will be very difficult for you to find parking. market street is just one street over from where i am mad. i am on mission and stored.stewart. driving along market is so difficult at this time of day that many times they are--this is no walk to the part either because it is already backed up. this is the embarcadero and you can no longer make that right turn. they're not allowing people to make their turns on to mission. it is so busy at this particular time and i have
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been here for two hours and everytime you see me i have an hour the traffic has picked up. it is wall-to- wall people just sitting down on their lawn chairs and they are getting ready to go. they have their tarp covering them because there is a strong drizzle that may come down. a lot't is going on. you will not be able to move to downtown severance escrowsan francisco. coming up as 7:00 a.m. we will walk down market to show you the fund as well as the chaos. >> to see san francisco so
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full of people and vehicles and activities already and it has been like this for the past hour is amazing. >> it is not just fans there are people that are going to work and they're not decdecked out in giants gear. if you add a couple of hundred thousand people possibly a million good luck moving around. there are stores that are getting supplies. you can probably hear honking in the background and cars are just honking telling you to go. the road rage is picking up. >> will
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will be at the start of the parade route and this is near the ferry building. it will progress west on market street and a lot of times it will be five to six deep on the sidewalk. the players and the dignitaries will be there to speak to the crowd. we have kron 4 jackie standing by at the civic center plaza. it > >> you consider the plaza is starting to fill up and people are showing up with
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their coolers and their lawn chairs. basically they are setting out all the tv gear and the big screen tv. if you are born to come out here you should expect to see about 25,000 of your closest friends. the last time they have this celebration is stretched all back to the un plaza. it was a huge crowd but this time they have a another jumbo tron. it was shoulder to shoulder and thousands of people poured into the plaza in 2010. if you are planning on coming out your best bet will be for you to get out here as soon as you can't and you should bring something to sit on. it will be a few hours before the parade actually gets started. basically
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everything in this whole area is blocked off around the civic center. you will not be able to get the near here in a car so you what is that mass transit or either walk or ride a bike. >> we talked to will earlier and he stated that he saw one of the signs that were prepared to. do you know who else might be at the celebration? >> know i have not we have not had that much time to talk about who would be here. jerry brown may show a says he stays in the area. >> i do not think that we have to worry about governor brown getting old.booed. >> in
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>> you are watching kron 4 news 24 hour week bills. nine people have been charged following thnine men san francisco giants world series win. among the damage--the city officials
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issued and announcement that anyone anyone thinking of damagin things at the are urging anyone who was coming down to take public transit up or get down here early. this scheduled to head down market street then head to mcalester and then go down four blocks to where the stage is set up. >> cheering crowds greeted this clara at stage is set up. >> cheering crowds greeted this clara at a taco [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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>> the president will travel to new jersey to talk with the mayor. he will continue on the campaign trail tomorrow. >> a reminder kron 4 will have extended coverage at 8:00 p.m. and you can stay updated on our web site at
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>> in the morning is 6:45
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a.m.. our big story today is the parade for the san francisco giants. he is just a few hours away. you can see them getting the balloons ready and the championship fliers are out with the posters. there are a million people expected to attend this parade and the big rally at civic center plaza. >> in the east coast is having problems getting to their homes due to sandy. if you can see this giant tree that has been up rooted. they are still dealing with a lot of flooding. new york's subway is still under flooding. it is about $6 billion worth of damage. i'm sorry it is $50 billion that they're estimating. about 30 million more in just lost businesses. as sandy has cost a lot of damage is and
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people are picking up the pieces. >> let's talk markets. the market has been shut down for the past two days and now we have a lot of economic earnings to tell you about. >> new jersey was hit even harder than new york and this is what it is being referred to in the best-let's talk about some of the numbers from what i am saying. this will at least slow us down to about $25 billion. new york will have to build a seawall to avoid this from happening again. if people can i get to work so we cannot do business. home depot angland
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lowes--the markets are open and that is the positive side. president obama wanted to visit new york but we did not have enough cops for him my guess. i would like to talk to you about a news item. the shake-up at apple. you are talking about high of people that have been let go. >> success always starts at top with there have been a lot of filters. some of the top executives--he will take over the best-he was in charge of google i'm sorry
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apple maps and it receives such a bad press that he did not want to make an apology so they let it go. apple has a good management team but is starting to have questions. they are executing new management but who knows who it will hire next. the things that are missing them up this large part to the stores have changed your hours and is different things with the employment of workers. retail stores will have to get their act together. >> lucas and disney are not striking a deal. this means
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--this is off someall some.awess may inquired picks ardisney inqe stated that he will put this $4 billion in to bill gates type of foundation. it is nice to see $4 billion going best-we will be
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visiting with rob a. gan. >> in it is now 6:50 a.m. and we are focused on the big parade for the senses or giants and for halloween. >> the good news is that we should be dried just-in-time for the giants' victory parade. a lot of the drizzle should subside. the rain however is for the evening hours and this may affect kids with halloween festivities. we are tracking a storm system and it is sitting off the northern california coast. we are experiencing a lot cool air headed into the bay area. later on tonight is when we should expect to see their reign. about 6:00 p.m. allot of the key issue be out going door to door. the
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best advice is for you to get your halloween activities done early but you should keep an umbrella handy. >> your afternoon highs
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will be 62 degrees in richmond and 66 in fremont and sunny bail.vail. there are mild conditions and plenty of sunshine as we head into the weekend. >> it is starting to back up into the macarthur made just 35 minutes after the metering lights ran activated. the drive time from the shore freeway is 23 minutes and it is about 30 minutes coming from highway 24. it is really slowing down and there was an accident but it is before the merged so it is not have a big squeeze on the affect. there is likely to be more traffic on the san mateo bridge but the drive time renounces 13 minutes. for the golden gate bridge it will definitely be
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more heavily than usual. i quickly want to show you the ride on highway 580 in the westbound direction traffic here is very slow as you try to work your way in through the all but passed. the drive is not already at 40 minutes. the time is now 6:54 a.m. and we will now take a break.
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>> the morning welcome back. unfortunately we are tracking a storm system and it is expected to arrive by 6:00 p.m. tonight. it will be enough heavy rain and it will spread its way. the south bay could remain dry
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but it looks like it will be pretty chilly and wet for the kids tonight.
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